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 Includes: THEATRE AND TELEVISION CONTINUES: 1. “I Gotta Crow” from Peter Pan – 1956; 2. “Distant Melody” from Peter Pan – 1956; 3. Scene from Born Yesterday; 4. “They Say That Falling in Love is Wonderful” from Annie Get Your Gun; 5. “I Got Lost in His Arms” from Annie Get Your Gun; 6. “Impossible” from Magic With Mary Martin; 7. “To Keep My Love Alive” from Music with Mary Martin; 8. “Edelweiss” from The Sound of Music; 9. “Do-Re-Mi” from The Sound of Music; 10. Mary winning the 1960 Tony Award for Best Actress In A Musical for The Sound Of Music; 11. “Neverland” from Peter Pan – 1960; 12. “You’re Nearer” (Cut Number from: Bing Crosby at Christmas); 13. “The Telephone Book” from: Bing Crosby at Christmas; 14. “Before I Kiss the World Goodbye” from Jennie; 15. “Nobody's Perfect” from I Do! I Do!; 16. “When the Kids Get Married” from I Do! I Do!; 17. “This House” from I Do! I Do!; 18. Excerpts: Hello, Dolly!; VENERATION: 19. “My Funny Valentine” from Valentine – 1979; 20:  “There is Nothing Like a Dame”. “Honey Bun”. “The Way You Tonight”, “Deep in the Heart of Texas”, “The Eyes of Texas are Upon You” from Queen Mother’s 80th Birthday;  CELEBRATION: 21. “The Sweetest Sight”, “A Bell is No Bell” from Over Easy; 22. News Reports: Our Hearts Belong to Mary;23.  News Reports:  Legends; 24. “A Cock-eyed Optimist” from Phil Donahue at the Rainbow Room; 25. “Getting to Know You” from Phil Donahue at the Rainbow Room; 26. News Reports (1998): Peter Pan Returns to Television; 27. News Report: Peter Pan Comes To Home Video; 28. 12th Annual Kennedy Center Honors; 29. “Mary Martin, An Appreciation”: from Entertainment Tonight.  2 hours. 

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