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More REGIE from Vienna.
richard prentice (mt wilson, ) 10/24/2015 10:03 PM
This production has been updated which does not do anything for it. So we have a juke box in the saloon and the ending is just absurd. The big disappointment is Stemme who just does not seem to have the voice required for Minnie-compare Tebaldi-. As for Jonas, he never lets one down but does not seem comfortable in his permanent greatcoat. We can hope that he does the role again soon with a more sympathetic producer.
Great cast!
PATRICIA SUTHERLAND (Cleveland, OH) 11/26/2013 11:43 AM
The first time I saw this opera (on DVD) it was with Placido Domingo, Sherrill Milnes and Barbara Daniels in an authentic Western saloon set. It was great and it's the reason I keep watching this opera in new productions. Updated productions of this opera strike me as ludicrous and this one is also "modernized." The set couldn't get any drabber or drearier. Except for Nina Stemme as Minnie, who arrives in bright RED hair (not orange, but red in a little orphan Annie hairdo) Her costumes begin with a plaid, flannel "Western" shirt over denim bib overalls and gets redder and redder as the action heats up. How's that for simplicity! Ah, but who cares about the set and costumes (except me). Thomas Konieczny as Jack Rance was absolutely vile, making up for the fact that he doesn't look a bit like a Western sheriff. Jonas Kaufmann's entrance lit up the stage (just like Domingo's did years ago) and he carried me away with his superb singing and acting. Nina Stemme was also excellent and managed to portray the character's vulnerability in spite of her attire! The chorus and small part players were also faultless. Welser-Most as conductor was perfect. But, again, Jonas Kaufmann was wonderful. He never disappoints.
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