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DVD 10636 IL TROVATORE (Verdi)

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7/5/2013 - Kaufmann, Harteros, Markov, Manistina, Youn; Carignani (Live Broadcast, English Subtitles)

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a must have
Kendall H (Dover, MA) 11/30/2014 6:37 PM
The staging/production is an acquired taste, or not, for words like "show-and-tell" may cross your mind, but thankfully the artists are too amazing to be undermined by the staging. It contained probably the best"D'amor sull'ali rosee" (audience went wild for Anja), "Ah! si, ben mio", and a very intelligently done "Di quella pira", in spite of the absence of the "32 Fouettes" of opera, i.e. high C some criticized Kaufmann for. The staff at PO was incredibly good about this productio too.
Another one to watch
John Hearne (Wood green, London) 10/2/2014 8:29 AM
This is one of the ugliest and most pointless productions of this opera I have ever seen. It was mainly about the director's obsession with the naked female on stage. Maybe because of this the singing ,which is mostly superb, lapses twice in the last Act Surprising, or perhaps not The mono sound is very good. It is a shame that German technology has not caught uo with Stereo sound.
Charles Meeds (San Diego, CA) 10/16/2013 6:40 PM
I usually refrain from submitting a review of an item that has already been reviewed by someone with whom I totally agree. The previous review really says it all but I am adding my perplexity that operagoers, particularly in Europe, stand for this sort of thing. The English subtitles, for example, refer at various points to "swords" and there the chorus is, dressed in cammies and waving the seemingly de rigeur AK47s around. Why DO they do it? The four stars are for Kaufmann and Harteros. Play it as a CD; forget the visuals.
Steampunk Verdi? Yes! and no!
Rick Askenase (North Reading, MA) 9/2/2013 12:28 PM
This is typical German RegiaTheater. But that term I mean a show where the director's concepts overwhelm the work itself, be it opera or play. This is much more than merely changing the setting (time/place) for a show, which is an old, and often quite successful, director's tool. (No need to mention numerous very successful examples here.) In RegiaTheater, as here, the director's hand so dominates the proceedings, as to render most of the rest a minor matter (like Verdi's music). The essence here is classic Steampunk. Nowhere is this more evident that in Act 2's Anvil Chorus which is sung before and on top of an a steam train engine! The sets are largely an erector set, with spinning wheels, etc., revolving stage, and the costumes (all black and grey) including stovepipe hat for Azucena and spiky black eye makeup. I do not dismiss all RegiaTheater productions, but this one failed me on all accounts. It looks hideous, and made no sense to the story or characters- even the gypsy. Jonas Kaufmann and Anja Harteros are both very good, but Elena Manistina as Azucena doesn't move me at all. The video is very good. Note that I believe the source was an internet stream (and not a TV broadcast) so there is some pixilation at time- but not a significant problem. There is very little color (just some red ropes), as everything is black and grey. but that is the production itself. The sound is excellent, and English subtitles are a nice bonus. I did not like this production, but the video/sound are very good, so no regrets on the purchase. And I try to get all the Kaufmann I can.
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