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DVD 10111 LOHENGRIN (Wagner)

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I asked for an explanation and Jonas Kaufmann himself. . .
PATRICIA SUTHERLAND (Cleveland, OH) 3/3/2014 8:03 PM
is going to give it!!! See DVD 11185 for an interview with him in which he is going to discuss his role in this production! I can't wait to hear it!
Lohengrin? I could barely follow this production!
PATRICIA SUTHERLAND (Cleveland, OH) 1/19/2014 10:19 PM
Lohengrin "arrives" out of nowhere, lying on the ground, barefoot, in a fetal position, and rises as if "newborn" not acquainted with a body. He makes spastic movements and knocks on his skull with his fist. He has been beamed in from another planet. A person with a swan's wing attached to his arm occasionally walks across the stage mesmerizing him as well as Elsa. Elsa is bonkers. She bites her nails and looks totally confused--and irrational, if you ask me. Annette Dasch was Elsa in another bizarre production out of Bayreuth, where the inhabitants of Brabant were all mice-people! She must be the kiss of death for Lohengrin productions! That's not fair, I know, but I bought this thinking she might be Elsa in a SANE production of Lohengrin. NOT! Renee Pape as the king seemed to be the only normal character in this production. He sang admirably. So did everyone else actually, but everything about this production was so foreign to me I wondered if I had missed the boat completely and this is another version of the opera. I love Jonas Kaufmann, but even he couldn't save this for me. Tell me what I missed. Tell me what I should have understood, I'd love to know.
This Performance!!!
Eric C (N J) 2/19/2013 9:10 AM
IS FANTASTIC!!!! dvd great